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Integrative Nutritional Health Coach.
Herbalist. Personal Chef. Doula.

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Staci Rieder is a spirited personal chef, herbalist and natural consultant who has been creatively preparing delicious, organic, and  allergy free food for families for over 20 years. She has studied and practiced health and nutrition most of her adult life and has a very eclectic array of knowledge. She is certified in macrobiotic counseling and herbal studies, is a doula, and has studied biochemical and nutritional approaches to mental health and addiction recovery. She is dedicated to holistic health and enjoys preparing, teaching, and counseling about food, nutrition, herbs, meditation, and creativity. She uses the modalities to bring a wholeness approach to her individual clients. Her passion is healing through food and counseling others on how to nurture their own beings for optimal health. Her focus in this field has included such a wide variety of experiences and resources that she joyfully brings to her sessions. 

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Staci is a folk herbalist. She has been learning from the native plants since she was a little girl, and apprenticed with an established herbalist in Colorado for 25 years. Most of her learning and teaching is experiential and comes from both a deep listening to the plants as well as the old “word of mouth” story telling approach. Staci herself is nurtured and energized by the plants, and shares her passion by guiding herbal walks, sacredly harvesting, making plant medicines, and teaching beautiful hands-on seasonal classes, where her students learn a few potent plants of that season, meditating with those plants, and making their own plant medicines or herbal body-care products, and also enjoying “wild food” snacks and teas during the class. Staci is “lit-up” by wild plants and loves to share her knowledge. She also provides one-on-one herbal sessions, which are creative and individually designed according to each client’s needs, including the handed down Mayan traditions of the former and most beloved Miss Beatrice Waight, who Staci was not only privileged to study with, but whom she was also fortunate enough to have a special blessing from for her seven day old daughter. Your herbal work with Staci promises to be unique, joyful, creative, uplifting and full of surprises!

Personal Chef
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Personal Chef

Staci has had a passion for healthy, beautiful food and its nutritional benefits and yumminess all her life. She has been cooking for people for over 25 years, and will never stop nourishing with food. She enjoys preparing and teaching her clients how to prepare beautiful, healthy, delicious, and organic meals. Whatever your dietary “situation,” there are no limits to the amazing quality, beauty and flavors Staci will create. She loves eating and cooking and sharing her knowledge and creations, using original ideas and recipes she has designed, so you will never feel bored, dissatisfied, or left craving. She provides foods to support and nourish your specific body and lifestyle. She uses the highest quality, mostly organic, colorful, seasonal and even wild foods, when possible, to create full nourishment. Her cooking is allergy-free, so she finds a way for you to enjoy the foods you love, without having to “avoid” them, or trigger reactions. Staci has eclectic training from Macrobiotic, to Ayurvedic, raw foods, paleo, keto, always healthy and organic to meet your body’s needs. She has cooked for macrobiotic dinners around the country, private dinner parties for the President of The University of Colorado Law School, Yoga retreats in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, 3 meals a day for a 5-day Polarity Therapy Training in Boulder, CO and hundreds of private clients, with needs ranging from serious disease to severe food allergies, to pregnancy and postpartum, to addiction recovery, to organized family camping trips, to outdoor herb classes, to eager-to-get-healthy regular weekly
clients. Staci has done it all, and continues to love to cook. Whether it is a wild foods summer salad full of local edible flowers and herbal foraged vinaigrette or a gluten free, dairy free sumptuous winter baked pot pie, Staci’s cooking is a treat, always a beautiful creation. You will be “full” on so many levels.

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