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Pregnancy and Post-Partum Nutrition and Doula Services

Staci’s own amazing home water birth experience clarified her passion to bring this special nurturing to pregnant and new families.

Staci consults, coaches and teaches pregnant mamas how to care for their bodies, before, during and after pregnancy. She will support and guide you to nourish your body, to “put your oxygen mask on first” so that you can then bring the best and healthiest you to your family. You will learn which foods are best for your body, during this important time and how to easily prepare nourishing meals and snacks. You may take herb and garden walks harvesting herbs to support a healthy pregnancy and post-partum experience. You will learn herbal teas, honeys, and vinegars that nourish your body. Staci has attended and supported women and families in labor and delivery for 25 years. She finds creative ways to support and nurture you with breathing and postures, movement, herbs, nutrition and simply her gentle presence will guide and support you to have your best birth experience where you
will feel empowered and supportive to make the best choices for you and your baby. Staci loves to “nurture the mama,” so you are in for a treat, as she will go out of her way to make sure you are relaxed and comfortable and nourished all during your childbirth journey. She also makes sure that you have the nutrition you need post-partum, using herbs and nutrient-dense and delicious food, often preparing traditional ayurvedic and/or Japanese dishes. She is available, post-partum to cook, prepare herbs, and to creatively process your birth journey with you, clearing away any unanswered questions and bringing you more present for yourself and your family.

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