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Client Testimonials

Staci is an excellent life and nutritional coach. Her wealth of knowledge is deep and varied; her life experiences, high intelligence, loving nature and strong work ethic are apparent in her approach to the coaching relationship. She’s focused, insightful and profoundly supportive. She’s that rare combination of being both highly professional and exceptionally personal. She’s a life-long learner and seeker which makes being on a journey with her all the more fun!

Rebecca Chambers, Atlanta



Mary, Vermont

Working with Staci has been such a gift. I have had a few health struggles recently and when I felt at my lowest, she guided me home to myself and my healing. Her intuitive gifts directed me to the herbs, foods, and healing practices that my body needed. Her gentle guidance allowed me to rebuild my nervous system and invite gentle and kind self care. My body, mind, and soul felt nourished and nurtured back into wellness. I'm so greatful. Staci's knowledge of plant medicine, and her intuitive gifts to know what I needed, to address some health opportunities I was having.. was amazing."


RSW, Atlanta

I have known, for many years, that I should eat better, but it took my meeting Staci Rieder before I actually changed my eating habits. I have had both high cholesterol and high blood pressure for a long time. My cardiologist wanted to put me on Statins, and I knew I didn't want to do that. When I started talking with Staci about foods and how they affect us, I stopped eating wheat, sugar, and dairy products. After a short few short months, my miracle happened. My blood test showed my cholesterol had dropped 43 points, meaning it was normal for the first time in many years! My blood pressure also dropped to normal. This was an eye-opener for me.  I now feel so much better and don't even miss the foods from before. This is a marvelous and healthy road to take, and I urge you to see Staci and discuss a better life from better nutrition.


JRB, Atlanta

Staci is an intuitive and gifted source and resource in the field of natural nutrition. She has always been forward thinking and has known for decades that what you eat and how you live affects your whole being. When Western medicine didn’t work for me, Staci guided me with a Chinese Herbalist who cured and completely resolved my issue in 1 month. She has the true ability to listen to my needs and come up with a viable working treatment plan. Working with Staci gives me the final piece to supporting my “whole body” care.

Todd, Indiana


Still sober, a little over a year now since last drink. And thanks to your help, healthier than since high school. Doctor says that he has 20 year-old athletes that would love to have my blood work numbers... thanks for your help.”


Jason, Colorado

Both products you recommended are amazing. They really work. First I thank you and my wife does, too. We are both able to relax.

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